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To find an artisan, pick a location closest to you and/or the vocation (e.g. mechanic or plumber) and search. Some Artisans are willing to leave the area where they are to meet a client, so if you don't find one close to you, try calling someone further away to see if they would be willing to come.

Servicing your car yourself

Servicing your car is a necessary evil if you live in Lagos and drive around often. Typically, you should service your car after driving every 20000 kilometers. Basically if you shuttle from Ikeja to Victoria Island everyday to work and you spend lots of time in traffic, then you need regular servicing.
Typically servicing includes changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, brake & transmission fluids, brake pads and spark plugs. There are also some other minor things that your mechanic may check depending on the make and model of your car and the signs that your mechanic notices. Of all these things, the oil change is the most critical and should be done every 5000 kilometers.
Servicing a car in Nigeria can be a bit of a hassle to be honest, mechanics are always trying to make money off you. Only a few mechanics will actually do what you pay for and return your car better than you left it. If you have the time and the right tools, you can actually get this done yourself and save yourself a trip to the mechanic and some money.

In this video from, you will find out how to change your oil, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter.

It is advisable that you have someone with some experience supervise you the first few times you try this.